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Meet Paula Moorman, a dedicated Functional Nurse Practitioner who is revolutionizing healthcare. With a background in nursing and a passion for functional medicine, she dives deep to uncover the root causes of health issues. Through personalized care and a holistic approach, she empowers her patients to achieve lasting wellness. By seamlessly blending her nursing expertise with functional medicine principles, Paula is reshaping the way we approach health, one patient at a time.


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At Willow Medical, we believe in taking the time to truly understand your needs and concerns. We offer functional medicine, which focuses on identifying and treating the underlying cause of a condition, rather than just treating the symptoms. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can openly discuss your health history and any concerns you may have. We strive to create personalized treatment plans that address the specific needs of everyone.

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I just can’t say enough how much the therapy has changed my life each day brings a better life, I urge anyone to try it. Frankly they are amazing.
- Mike


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